What is Bitcoin and Where is it Accepted?

vera-johnBitcoin is an online software payment system. It is an new innovative payment source that is exclusive for use online. This online peer to peer payment method leaves the banks and financial institutions out of the equation. This eliminates any hassles, fees or waiting periods for the transfer of money when paying for items online. The transactions are instant and have very little if any processing fees. The coins are mined or earned by members. These coins do have value and can be used towards the purchase of items online or some gaming sites.

Vera John casino has began accepting bitcoin as an accepted payment method for their online gaming venue. There will be others who will be accepting this as a payment method in the upcoming months. Vera & John is the first licensed and regulated online gaming community to accept this as a form of payment. You can expect a smooth transaction process with little or no wait time. This is beneficial for participants in this online casino. The ability to use bitcoins for payment will enable players to enjoy a safe online gaming environment free from fees or surcharges that banks will often charge for such transactions. It’s a safe form of payment to use with increasing popularity. Many other venues are now considering whether or not they will accommodate this payment type. Vera John welcomes participants who use this as their primary method of payment. More information about this accepted method of payment can be found online.


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