6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With Bitcoin

Once you’ve been fortunate enough to earn yourself a pretty good stash of Bitcoins, you’re going to want to spend them! There’s actually more choice than you may have first thought, so where will you decide to spend them? Here are six things you probably didn’t know you could buy with Bitcoins.


Precious Metals

A common investment with Bitcoins is precious metals, most popularly silver and gold. You can purchase these in very small quantities, or you can buy whole bars of them. These investments are relatively worthwhile because they grow in value over time so you may actually be able to sell them for even more than they were originally worth in future.


Survival Kit

There is a website that sells food survival kits in the event that there’s a zombie apocalypse. These kits have 72 hours worth of food and drink supplies and can be purchased using Bitcoins.



Yes, it’s true; you can now buy cars with Bitcoins. Whereas before you could rent cars using Bitcoin, you can now use websites such as BitMit.net to purchase both brand new and second-hand cars using your Bitcoins, which is pretty cool.


More Bitcoins

If you go to a casino to spend your Bitcoins, you can actually buy yourself even more Bitcoins! Place your bets in BTC rather than in your common currency, and all of your winnings will come back to you in BTC. Better yet, why not choose to play in a casino that accepts nothing but Bitcoin? It’s a risky way to try and purchase more coins, but if it works out, you can earn a big payoff!



As unrealistic as it may sound, you can actually rent, and even in some places buy houses using Bitcoin as your method of payment. It’s not very common, and there aren’t many houses that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment, but if you take a look online, there are a few places up for grabs, located all over the world!



But only if you’re in San Francisco, where a local bakery provides a cupcake delivery service to anyone living in San Francisco. You can pay for this service in Bitcoins, which is another bonus!



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